Spread Thy Wings

by Fox Amoore

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vassala thumbnail
vassala Another great album by Fox and Pepper! I can't get enough of their music and have yet to hear a track of theirs that i don't love. Picking favorites from their songs is so hard too! Favorite track: A Fantasy.
winter warburton
winter warburton thumbnail
winter warburton So uplifting, so fun, so gorgeous. Another all-around brilliant album. Favorite track: All Arise.
The Mad Yokai
The Mad Yokai  thumbnail
The Mad Yokai Such a wonderful album the wait was worth it, I alread have a couple favorite tracks. Favorite track: I'm Not Giving Up.
Quuxum Mephitida
Quuxum Mephitida thumbnail
Quuxum Mephitida I was a little afraid this album was going to feel overproduced. I shouldn't have been. Everything that I love about FaP — soaring piano melodies, lyrics oscillating between humorous and heart-ripping, brilliant musicianship all around — is all still very much in display with the edges not cut or filed away. (That's as much an endorsement of 0ddy than anything.) A wonderful follow-up to Hashtag. Favorite track: We Boldly Went.
Baridi Wolf
Baridi Wolf thumbnail
Baridi Wolf after listening to the first song I couldn't wait to get my hands an this album. beautifully composed with meaningful lyrics.
would definitely recommend. Favorite track: I'm Not Giving Up.
fluffballshadow thumbnail
fluffballshadow I just love them <3 Favorite track: We Boldly Went.
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We did not make this album alone. The cover says “Foxes and Peppers” but to suggest that only two people are responsible for this one would be dishonest. The songs on this album couldn’t exist the way they do without our musician friends, management, engineers, artists, designers, manufacturers, or the hundreds of people who bought the album before a single note had been recorded. Support from our families, friends, and neighbors made this album. Support from a loving community made this album. Thank you for having faith in us. We hope you like the music.

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Special Thanks:
Pepper would like to thank - Marsha, Frank, and Adam Clark, John “Mohr” Emery, Dixie, the Armour family. Dave “Rooth”, Skyler Ringtail, Pandez, Thabo, Brexton, and everyone that’s commissioned him. Alkali Bismuth, Xander, Draggor, and everyone at the Dragget Show that helped put on the Kickstarter kickoff stream. Cosmo Shep, WolfJester, Urbis, Skrugg, Diesel Husky, and the rest of the AZ crew for your friendship and encouragement. Everyone who’s ever given him a ride or a place to stay, helped haul gear, booked him when no one else would, watched the merch table, or made coffee to share. Thank you.

Fox Amoore would like to thank - Parents. Lets get that out the way right now. There's no way I could be doing the things I do without the unconditional support, love and encouragement that they gave me and still give me to this day. Thanks Iain and Marian. Pepper, you're a clown, a brother and one of the most talented musical poets I've ever heard and met. Thank you for all the laughs, adventures and most importantly music. Here's to so much more of it to come. Charlotte, my rock and the one person that puts up with my... everything. Your energy and love makes me feel like the luckiest guy on the planet. My list of thanks can go on forever. Thank you especially to each and every listener and funder of this project, again I wouldn't be doing this without your love, support and friendship.

It is mine and Pepper's pleasure to introduce you to Spread Thy Wings.


released December 1, 2018

Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Claps - Jared “Pepper Coyote” Clark
Piano/Organ/Synth/Vocals/Claps - Iain “Fox Amoore” Armour
Electric Guitar/Claps - Alice Kane Wolf
Bass Guitar/Claps - Ned “Rhubarb” Wilkinson
Drums/Claps - Mark "Underbite" Wakeham
Violin/Mandolin/Claps - Alexander James Adams
Flute/Claps - Tonya Song 'Wind Singer’

Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, and 11 written by Armour
Tracks 1, 4, 7, 8, 10, and 12 written by Clark
Lyrics by Clark with additional lyrics on 2 by Shay, and on 5 by Armour
Orchestra Arangements and Orchestration by Tonya Song
Choral orchestration by Clark and Tonya Song

“Spread Thy Wings” title originally inspired by Plague Rat

Nashville Session Engineered by Keith "Oddy" Lesinski, Matthew "Spikeo" Wong, and Jasper LeMaster
Mixing by Lesinski
Mastering by Paul Baily

Photography, and graphic design by Alex “Khaki” Vance
Cover art by Alector Fencer with additional art by Luis Huerta
Management and Logistics help by Charlotte “Dixie” Zundel

Recorded at Oceanway Studios in Nashville, TN




Fox Amoore UK

Life is music, music is life. Take it by the horns and enjoy the ride.

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Track Name: We Boldly Went
Even though, I’ll forget myself
You don’t know, I’ll explain myself again seeing those who protect themselves thinking “no”, we’ll inject ourselves again
If it all turns out right
we’ll find that we’ve left it better whatever we’ve left can
make itself right again
Leave no trace is our directive
but who could turn away from this and be gone
we’re a long way from home
and we got so far to go
we boldly went this way cause we wanted to know are we all alone?
Even though, I’ll forget myself
I don’t know what I’ve said before Have we done all that we can do have you touched somebody’s heart
Bridge x3
(okay it’s all right, It’s all right.
all ready’s all right’s all ready to go)
Track Name: Stay As You Are
When all you hear are rumours
when all you see are lies
when you believe in something
stand firm don't compromise
when hanging in the middle
don't give it up don't let it go no
feels like hanging at the end
Don't turn away - take it slow

You gotta stay as you are...
Stay as you are
You gotta stay as you are
Stay as you are

Is it something I can measure
Something I can feel
Do you hide away whenever
they reach for something real

You gotta stay as you are...
Repeat a buncha times.
Track Name: Bigger
Only 5 foot 9. Practically invisible
When will be my time?
Tell me when can I step
into some bigger shoes?

I’m sick of losing inches
when I should be gaining feet
I can’t see over the fence yet.
Can’t claim a larger seat
They got me wantin’ power, lovers,
money, can’t I be bigger?

Bigger house, bigger car, bigger telephone
Bigger pants, bigger lawn, but I’m on my own
Bigger parties bigger friends the more that you get known
All of us want to get a little bigger

Bigger names, bigger wallets bigger piano keys
Bigger amps, bigger view counts, bigger screen TVs
Bigger fights, bigger shade from all the wanna-be’s
All of us want to get a little bigger

Now I’m 7’ 5” gettin looks whenever I show up
On the borderline
Gearing up to reach, a little higher

Suddenly they can hear me,
don’t have to scream and shout
I’m steppin’ over road-blocks,
no they can’t keep me out
Made some magic, seems I’m
blowin’ up all over town
Gettin, bigger


Stand 4 meters high,
scrape my head on the beams most nights
I don’t mean to whine,
but maybe this has gotten out of hand.
I can’t stand up in here!

Outgrew my old apartment,
did I outgrow my friends?
Seems I don’t fit most venues,
Oh how could I pretend
I’m not too big to know you
when all the faces start to blend
I don’t need to get any bigger


Bigger debt, bigger pressure, bigger bills to pay
Bigger pieces of yourself you have to give away
Bigger distance ‘tween your needs and wants are commonplace
Still you think you you gotta get a little bigger
Repeat last half of chorus
Track Name: Spread Thy Wings
Up to me, here I am, why the hesitation
starts to feel like they don’t want to understand
I’ve been open like a book,
but no one’s reading me quite right
on a treadmill getting nowhere

on my own, I can’t tell if I’m getting higher
am I rising above or digging deeper still
getting harder to decide
how to spend my dwindling time
will clip my wings
or help me learn to fly

so spread thy wings fly above them all
you’re heaven-touched, you’re an angel
to see the world and how small they are
go spread thy wings, never fall
Track Name: Made You Look
Sun is blinding as he stumbles to the door
left behind by eyes that see enough to know foreign hands reach out and grant a revelation little circles made of wire hanging
right before your eyes
All this searching seems much simpler than before were you dreaming; where did all this color come from? those around don’t understand all this elation
what’s this thing that you are wearing, can you
tell me what it does?
Hold it up, and see it right
this curing glass will bring you sight maybe now you’ll finally take your place ooh, I made you look
and I won’t think twice
watch you earn everything you got and yet still you reach won’t make you shine
but it made you look
Seems too quiet, have they all just up and left quick as they had come they’re gone
never had a chance to show his appreciation finding just a piece of fabric guess he’ll
have to try it on Chorus x2
Track Name: Like Everyone Else
Like everyone else
When I was younger I would need 10 sugars tryna get my coffee down.
Go to sleep at half past 3 when I could pass out. 10 years workin at that dream,
Stop wanting as much of the sugar and cream.
The bitterness dulls the edge and you can get to sleep by 10.

We all, keep sayin that we won't get caught like everyone else (like everyone else)
We all, keep sayin that we won't get old like everyone else (like everyone else)
Snowflakes tend to melt.
Your cracks, they tend to swell.
Before too long in a mirror you see everyone else.
I used to laugh when my old man, couldn't race me up a hill Or when my mother would tell me to take it slow
Now I'm dreamin of a made up past
Wishin that time didn't kill so fast
Sarcastically askin where have all the soldiers gone.

Chorus 2:
They all, keep sayin that we won't get caught like everyone else
(like everyone else)
They all, keep sayin that it won't get old like everyone else
(like everyone else)
Make them "great" again
And we'll forget it's all pretend.
And before too long we believe that it’s everyone else.
I was made to believe we're all uniquely human
I'm finding out exactly what that means
There is no other being with such capacity for compassion. Or such capacity for doing harm.

When I was younger I believed that we were all of equal worth. And in the end we'd all be fine if we did what's right.
That the deck's not stacked and we could be whatever we want in the land of the free but I
See things every day that I just can't accept.

Chorus 3
And I'll keep saying that I'll never end up like everyone else (like everyone else)
And I'll keep sayin that I'll never give up like everyone else (like everyone else)
Fear won't ever go
So let everybody know
That you won't keep quiet and you won't sit down
That we're all from somewhere but we're from here now That you don't need to step on me to feel great
That you got enough love to take on the hate
That you'll be the change that you want to see
That I'll look out for you and you'll look out for me
That we won’t give up and will not be moved
we've taken on worse and we don't plan to lose
Oh how great the sorrow. Oh how great the pain. When I wake up tomorrow. I will go to work again.
I will go to work again. I will go to work again.
Track Name: I'm Not Giving Up
Sittin’ around, wanna figure it out, a way to
justify my second chances
Mind wanders far but it keeps landing on you
who’s left to blame this time, was I a
victim of my circumstances? No,
I held the smoking gun but not the bullet that it threw

Painted a picture, while I was trying to find
another piece of gold
I never figured out, that the villain was me
and now you’re leaving

I’m not giving up, I’m not giving in
not letting the dark be the reason, I give myself for
the kind of person, that I have been
I can’t change for you, so I’ll change for me
I’ll be alone, for now, for then

Words fly like a burning knife into the
person who’s my only anchor
It wasn’t too much weight but rather the
rigidness of my stubborn mind and I
can’t stop thinking about it
regret flows in too late to prevent the
things that I said, the things that I meant at the time,
but not once I played the tape back.

Painted a picture, of what I had in my mind
another hand to hold
I didn’t like what I saw, who I turned out to be
so now I’ll leave it.
Track Name: A Fantasy
Here in the dream we’ve awoken
Where despite my mind’s health I am strong
I can fight for what’s right, in a basement tonight And I’ll feel like myself all along
Won’t erase imperfections
See our mage? She gets by with one hand Now open and read what our party will meet Be it water or blizzard or sand
Hunting, stealing, casting, healing In this forgotten age
1 is strong but 4 are stronger Who can stand in our way?
All of this time is not wasted,
Living stories born of our own minds
May laugh and may weep till the tale be complete Then it’s back to ourselves for a while.
Tell you I’m right here in a Fantasy, and I belong
When you enter this land, I’m in control
I dictate every army, every foe
Go ahead, take your chances, see what you roll Are you still alive? *whispered?*
In the face of a thousand legions, no You won’t assuage me, see where I go Crossing the wildest river flow
It’s the thing that unites us, this fantasy!
I put on my robe and wizard hat
Track Name: All Arise
Fill my cup, may it overflow
I will drink from the counter, the floor
or wherever it goes
make your choice, for whatever you pour gratefully I’ll consume before I leave this room yeah this void I’ll restore
Load me up with vitriol load me up with your pain take and I’ll spin it, your
penance or sin it will quickly return to this place quickly return to this place
All arise. Yeah you get what you give
Cling to each other remember how hard it is just to live All arise, yeah you get who you take
ooh lord I’m so over this. I’m so over this
Let it out, oh wherever you can
there’s a shining inside so bright
they have to understand
raise your glass, so new people can fill with what inhabits their heart that’s what they can impart and they will
Load me up with kindness
load me up with your grace
take and return with
whatever you’ve learned and we’ll quickly return to this place
quickly return to this place Chorus x2
Pick me up and I will rise
tear me down and I will fall
sticks and stones may break my bones but my words are all that define me
Track Name: Let Me In
Look around, they're waiting
Inner will is fading
Giving in seems like a wish. Not as cold. Feel around for ages
The haze it comes in stages
First a touch then overwhelmed.
It only takes a moment.
You're sliding down and know that Letting go won't hurt a bit. You're alone. Open up your throat and
I can peek inside
past it all
Let me in, and I'll dissolve Though the planets still revolve I am one with everything
Do I want to make it out Pressing in from all around Warm me, let me in.
You could do it.
Strain your ears for answers.
You could do it.
Ya said you like romancers
You could do it.
Simple as a flash of the mandible. You could do it.
You're walking down a path.
You can do it.
And deep inside you know
You can do it.
That you won't even flinch.
Track Name: AA Battery
AA Battery Controlled Telescopic Knife

Walking back from my place, she seemed happy.
Nothing in the wind to keep me down!
Got a package in the mail...
Could it be my holy grail?
a poking implement to rule all the tools with inferior fuels

“What’s that you got there in your pocket?”
she asked as we walked into the mall.
Eyes widen as I show
the seventeen-inch dynamo
that shouts out when I flip the switch and keeps growing
and growing and growing

I said, “Hey, why is everybody
runnin’ for their life?” It’s just my
AA Battery Controlled Telescopic Knife 

My grandfather turns to me and says,
“Let’s go down in metaphoric history.” because
I never had a grandfather.
But if I did, I’m sure that he’d be
Proud of a loud-browed son-of-a-cow
who can wield a blade the way I do

Is there an issue bring weapons into this particular bank?
I was escorted out and there’s only one thing to thank, and it’s my
AA Battery Controlled Telescopic Knife

There is an apple farmer lifting all the Pilgrims
from their huts to find the weather only half as satisfying as before.
And as an answer, he said,” Run to me, my daughters, have a
crispish red delicious, the least truthful of the apples.”
Say it again and come to me Say it again, I’m not myself
I’m not myself


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