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The Ballad of Midnight - 5th Anniversary

by Fox Amoore

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CreeperMan0508 thumbnail
CreeperMan0508 I love it to listen to the very relaxing and fantastic music of this album Favorite track: Say Hello to Say Goodbye.
accursedCursive thumbnail
accursedCursive FurMorphed made me lose 7 pounds. And even though it is in the context of money, I am still happy for it. Favorite track: Sunset (5th Anniversary Edition).
SilverFolfy thumbnail
SilverFolfy Very calm, uplifting and happy. And all of the tracks are enchanted with 100% pure emotions that will evoke many different feelings in you.
I can easily recommend every single title in this album. Favorite track: Immortality.
Kroush Wayfair
Kroush Wayfair thumbnail
Kroush Wayfair This track is sincerely both inspiring and peace bringing to the soul (or Atma) within. We are not purely the physical bodies perceived by the outside world. No matter what happens, the energy that animates us into life, and makes us who we are as individual expressions of the universe, will never perish. Thank you for creating so much music that transcends the worldly feelings of time and space. You, and every being, deserve all the love in the world~ Favorite track: Immortality.
Kitsune 03:16
Immortality 04:50
The Guide 03:11
Shimmering 04:22
Winter Snow 03:21
Grace 03:20


Due to popular demand, my first album "The Ballad of Midnight" is back. It has been completely revamped, with a large portion of the original songs rebuilt from scratch, some new editions including album exclusives (Such as "Shimmering" and "Immortality"), as well as the original songs for both new and experienced listeners to enjoy and remember.

[i]The 5th year edition features stunning artwork by :iconTaniDaReal: which brings the visual aspects of the album to life quite beautifully. Fully illustrated front and rear cover, 4 page booklet featuring text, photography and lyrics and a fully illustrated CD body.[/i]

The 5th year edition of the Ballad of Midnight features a massive 17 tracks. Some new, some original, some completely exclusive to this album:

1 - Sunset (5th Year Edition)
2 - Dreaming of You (5th Year Edition)
3 - The True Hero (5th Year Edition)
4 - Kitsune
5 - The Condemned
6 - Immortality (New Addition)
7 - The Guide
8 - Dreaming of Scotland (New Addition)
9 - Evening's Lullaby (5th Year Edition)
10 - Shimmering (New Addition)
11 - Winter Snow
12 - Grace (New Addition)
13 - Say Hello... to say Goodbye

[b]Bonus original editions[/b]

14 - Sunset
15 - Dreaming of you
16 - The True Hero
17 - Evening's Lullaby

The album features real instruments and talented musicians including : Lilypad as a female vocalist, Stephen Cumberworth on flutes and Ryan Freres on the Violin/Fiddle.

The album is presented in a full jewel case, along with cellophane wrapping to protect from dirt and marks in transit. Professional commercial store quality printing, all albums are posted in light-weight bubblewrapped packages for additional protection.

This will also make it's debut appearance at Eurofurence 2012 in a few weeks time.

Thank you for your continued support, here's to another 5 years!


released September 14, 2012

TaniDaReal - Album artist ( www.tanidareal.com )
Lilypad - Female vocalist
Ryan Freres - Violinist
Stephen Cumberworth - Flautist




Fox Amoore UK

Life is music, music is life. Take it by the horns and enjoy the ride.

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