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Hashtag 00:45
Suit Up 03:47
Story 05:08
Part of You 05:52
Now, if I just had something left see it fleeting like the wind overcast, turn away wait, can you hear it coming back I am pleading with the range overturned, far from here taken from these writings growing from this page if there was any indication I missed it, like I missed Every chance to hold you close I canʼt handle what you are to me if you could understand what this means to me oh I want to, I want to, oh be a part of you Now, if I had something to give what could you possibly lack so complete, blemish-less hard to breathe and my lungs are straining but you havenʼt heard me complaining yet cause Iʼm here, un-alone reading from your writings turning every page if there was any hesitation I missed it, I missed it. Like I missed... (Chorus) walking out and I look up, thereʼs no difference to me If it was all coincidental or if thereʼs some kind of plan that may or may not differ from the plan that Iʼd been dreaming up for myself all along so I could have.. (Chorus)
I havenʼt been your only one but maybe the sweetest one if not the dearest one the kind of place you might wanna spend a couple of decades I hear you be cominʼ back here some 20 years Yeah gettinʼ wrapped up in my black and gold And naw, ya never cared if people stop and stare cuz Iʼll be there when you got nowhere well Yinz got a bridge to my heart for now and always Iʼll be your city Why donʼt we take a walk on down to the strip Stick some french fries and a fried egg on a sammich not too far, weʼre just a few blocks away from the DLCC Here are my three sisters theyʼre just makinʼ sure that you can find me late at night you can treat me right and weʼre still in sight of the corner light as we run along liberty ave, oh Iʼll be your city And when 4 days have come and gone youʼre here, it happened, itʼs done ya better remember Iʼll be right here so donʼt you go lookinʼ for another one cuz Iʼm your Iʼm your city The fireworks, gonna run all night yeah at Anthrocon I can hold you tight
My Defender 03:55
My defender, my complete In the evening when I call to you I feel your being are you looking through my eyes? could you help me find myself If you lead me I will follow be for evil or for good look behind and Iʼll be hanging on Woah My defender evermore When Iʼm dreaming, make no mistake I am present in a world with you your rebellion, lets me know I can be free learning what you really are (Chorus) Seems everywhere I go youʼre acting through me and everything I do is what youʼve done yes, as we grow together will you keep me safe from harm living every day I can like youʼve begun... (Chorus)
Reach Out 04:23
Neldé 06:18
Thinking back, I remember now in the audience of all the bright ice gathered round never meeting, I only saw a new resurrection or was it quite simply a change He touches the leaf near his throat See it rising above the wind feathers burning thereʼs no way that he is the same as he was when I turned away Seemed more cat-like or had I been seeing the wolf he touches the leaf near his throat Make a shift now Make a change pull it in now run to the mountain leaning back I remember now couldnʼt see him and neither could the other side nock an arrow and take a life lay thee down for disturbing the peace he creates he touches the leaf near his throat some days itʼs sunny, some days itʼs dark reach ye inside to pull out a new part meet me in silence, sing it out loud be what you will, and what will you be now speak I to one, and yet all can hear ride with a being I canʼt name myself so, blue eyes, what is your true name what do I call “Phoenix, the wolf, and the leopard”?
Deeper 03:22
I used to like all of my friends some, I could call on every day whatʼs this new abyss that keeps on staring into no one Iʼve fed it all I have to spare ooh, I used to hear it ooh, I used to mean it When a smile touched my face now it all seems as empty as this song spend my time re-living every slight I can remember every time that I broke down and you could see and Iʼm only digging deeper I used to have a clear direction somewhere to go, somewhere to be used to be on time if someone called for my assistance too rushed to know Iʼm in too deep When a smile touched my face now it all seems as empty as this song spend my time re-living every slight I can remember every time that I broke down and you could see oh please, please be gentle it seems theyʼre never gentle when you fall and Iʼm only digging deeper ʼm only digging deeper...
Fruit Cups 04:46
Heʼs thinkinʼ itʼs cold in the summer sun walkinʼ around to find relief from this lonely feeling I can tell, heʼs a gentle soul though few may believe it I mean have you seen those teeth my god he could hurt someone, but all I see him havinʼ are the: Pineapples and the strawberry shortcake watermelon thinkinʼ oh for goodness sake I should be shakinʼ but for him I donʼt bat an eye how could he leave all of that fresh meat on a shelf I guess heʼs eatinʼ fruit cups, only fruit cups and heʼs alright Having a jaw that could crush your skull can hardly be helpful when trying to convince the creatures around that youʼd rather sit down and have a mixed salad for your dinner or lunch while you enjoy their company It seems those teeth are just for show and I thought you ought to know that all I see him with are (Chorus) Doesnʼt say much he donʼt laugh at me or nothin Tell me what kind of hyena wouldnʼt be right there at your throat! (Solo) (Chorus)
Campfire 03:48
Itʼs been a long one we can tell by the look in your eyes it feels like you canʼt do nothing or at least nothinʼ that turns out right you tried an you tried but you need somethign better tonight. Come wonʼt you join us Weʼll sit down and sing us a song just start up a light and burn through the night under the stars as we talk with your friends all around you itʼs harder to feel like youʼre lost. letʼs light a fire letʼs chase off the cold letʼs get inspired letʼs never grow old we can complete a circle, and forget the world weʼll be together to shrug off whatever we canʼt seem to face on our own oh Come! Letʼs light a fire!
Itʼs funny how connections you make from a distance can change dramatically when youʼre meeting face to face but every once in a while you find yourself inside a situation where you donʼt know who to blame Could be the excitement in the lobby could be youʼre not in your home state could be the liquid in the cup that I keep drinking but I only got three days and youʼre gone again Maybe weʼll meet in a line for somethinʼ maybe weʼll meet inside somebodyʼs hotel room and all I can say is how ʻbout we try to make tonight last the rest of our lives after we leave I hope that Iʼll see you next year weʼll try our best to stay in contact save enough that I can buy the gasoline and I swear to god if work wonʼt gimme my vacation Iʼll go to cons all the year long while Iʼm unemployed weʼre sitting here watching the closing set our alarms so we can catch the shuttle bus still have tonight where Iʼll be dancing like a dead dog because if I donʼt sleep the night will never end Come on now donʼt let the night be over I hope that I'll see you next year.


One day a Scottish musician person contacted an American singing wonder kid to fill in for a show. They got on so well together that they decided to create a collaborative album. Combining Fox's Piano and Orchestral jabs with Pepper's Guitar and Vocal licks - HASHTAG is born. And even better - they didn't even meet when recording it. All musicians, performances and parts have been done in multiple locations, all then mixed and mastered together by Abbey Road's Paul Baily. Oh internet, is there anything you can't do?

Featuring 14 tracks of fun, feels, sweeping scores, rockathons and a touch of Jazz - HASHTAG is an explosion of original (and one Disney cover) music.

To discover more of Fox Amoore's and Pepper Coyote's work, check out the following links below:

www.bandcamp.com/foxamoore or www.foxamoore.com


released September 9, 2016

Fox Amoore - Piano, instruments, orchestra, lyrics and vocals.
Pepper Coyote - Vocals, lots of vocals and Guitar, instruments, lyrics.

Special guests:

Bass Guitar - Ned Wilkinson and Pete Phin
Brass and additional Guitar - Ned Wilkinson
Guitar - Joe "Koroz" Jones
Additional Vocals - Ashley Serena, Ned Wilkinson, Chris Leavy
Drums "Runtt"
Mixing and Mastering by Paul Baily.

Artwork by Amber Hill
Graphic design by Nico Jannsen

Special thanks and mention to "Bink" whom helped fund this album :)




Fox Amoore UK

Life is music, music is life. Take it by the horns and enjoy the ride.

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