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Need to have EVERYTHING before EVERYONE ELSE? Or tracks that you wouldn't find on any album? And at the same time continue to support my music? (Yep, I plan the next album to be at Abbey Road again too!)

I'm currently setting up (Thanks to the wonderful Bandcamp, thanks guys) a premium subscription service. Once you've subscribed, you get immediate access to a hidden archive on here known as FANG. (The Fox Amoore Nameless Gallery.)

Unlike other albums, this special album is constantly updated. In the coming weeks you'll get unreleased songs, artwork, wallpapers, outtakes from Come Find Me. You will also get exclusive access to Works In Progress and also the chance to get tracks from my latest upcoming albums DAYS before their official release.

That not enough? Soon you'll be able to from the physical merchandise store here ONLY, purchase limited edition Prints of Come Find Me, unreleased albums (EG. Strong Armour Jazz and Blues) and be given first priority on any new CD or Vinyl or Print-CD limited edition collectable that gets released, a week before it goes live in the official store.

SUBSCRIBE NOW - And you'll get a FREE digital copy of COME FIND ME and FEEL.

What you get:

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Fox Amoore
Life is music, music is life. Take it by the horns and enjoy the ride.


Bay thumbnail
Bay There is a kind of music that gives you wings ... well, ... this Fox soars
methylDragon thumbnail
methylDragon I am a budding orchestral musician myself, and am very partial to Fox Amoore's style. He has an uncanny ability to create music that stirs one's imagination and emotion, making the experience of listening to each track like entering a different world. His work is an inspiration to me, and many others alike.

Keep up the good work! You deserve to be supported, Fox!
Kyyanno thumbnail
Kyyanno Fox's music ranks up alongside great score composers such as Hans Zimmer, John Williams and Alan Silvestri, and newer names such as Ramin Djawadi and Michael Giacchino, able to tell a story and stir emotions purely from the original music he brings to life so beautifully.

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